Sunday, May 31, 2009

First swim and other miscellany....

Sloane had her first swim today at Crane Creek! It was an awesome day and the pool temp was about 85 degrees so we decided to go for it. Dad got in the water with her to see how she would do. Turns out, she's a water baby. They spent about 45 minutes in the pool while Sloane kicked and splashed her way around. She may have drank more than we would have preferred, but fun was had by all and I have a feeling this is how a good portion of our summer days will go....

We've been experimenting with new headbows...

Hangin with peeps on the beach... (Brian Churchman is 3 days older than Sloane.)

Hanging with peeps on walks with mom and her friends... (Danika is almost 3 and loves to baby Sloane.)

The coolest shoes ever....

Still representing BSU -go broncos!

Summer flying weather is here!

It's been a looong winter it seems. It's finally good enough weather to get out the airplane and fly up to our cabin in McCall! Even though Sloane is a world traveler by now, she has flown in a PC-12, flown to Mexico and Atlanta on the airlines, she has never been in our airplane until now. We looked all over to find her some hearing protection and found some cute pink (of course) little headphones. Turns out they were too small, though. Had to resort to what was on hand. It looked like it did the trick. Sloane loved it (as evidenced by sleeping right through it to and from McCall.) Future woman aviator, she is.

The ones that didn't fit...Sleeping through the whole ride!Met up with some peeps Sure is bright outside.Whew that was a long day in the sunLearning how to pattycake at Fogglifter cafe in McCallLove from november eight two tango tango!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A night out!

Every year, Crane Creek Country Club has a themed member gala party. Last year was Hollywood Glam and this year it was Roaring 20s. Few things excite me more than a good dress up party and Phil was happy to humor me yet again. (If you have not seen our halloween costumes from 2 years ago, please let me know and I'm happy to send them so long as small children will be out of the room.) Auntie Ashley babysat little Sloane while mom n dad went out to have some fun! Thanks Ashley for letting us stay out so late!