Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Porter's first meal

It's hard to believe that Porter is 7 months old now! Seems like yesterday we brought the little nugget home. As with Sloane, Porter nursed exclusively for 6 months and has now broken free to expand his little gourmet experiences beyond breastmilk. This is always bittersweet for me - sad to have broken the bond between mother and child and excited to have FREEDOM to feed babies with something other than ME so that I can go places without having to worry about it. Honestly, I didn't think I would make it 6 months the second time around but my resolve proved to be stronger than my whining. Porter is the easiest baby in the universe and switching him to a bottle and formula was a non-issue. (As were his first teeth, solid foods, sleeping through the night, etc.) His first solid food meal was rice cereal out of the nice pewter bowl and spoon given to us by our dear friends Vaughn and Katie Olson. Here's to the future of adventurous (and messy) eating!

Sloane's first haircut!

FINALLY! After 2+ years, Sloane finally has enough hair to cut without it being completely obvious! I decided it was time after watching her for awhile run around with it hanging directly over her eyes and obstructing her vision. Yes, it was time. Fortunately, Aunt Julie had an appointment with Tas Caldara, our fantastic friend and hairdresser. The plan was to take Sloane in while Julie was processing and that she would sit quietly and patiently and get her hair cut. Well....I've learned that with Sloane, the best laid plans can come quickly unraveled.

Actually, it wasn't ALL that bad. Tas busted out the booster seat and cute little cape with surfing penguins on it. Not long after wetting her hair, however, we realized that she wasn't going to sit quietly without a bribe. In public places, I'm never above a good bribe and I happened to have a secret weapon in the diaper bag - a BLOWPOP SUCKER! Great idea, right?? I watched her unwrap the sucker and sit still while Tas began cutting her hair. As I was silently congratulating myself on a job well done, I slowly began to see why we don't give suckers at haircuts. Mortified, we watched as each newly cut hair from her head gravitated toward and stuck on her sucker. Gross. Sloane didn't seem to notice or care. Even more gross. Julie said just watching it made her tongue itch and she felt like she was coughing up hairballs for the rest of the day. Sloane's first haircut was certainly unforgettable - especially after seeing the finished product!

Christmas - finally

Well, it's been exactly 1 month since Christmas so I guess it's high time I got our family Christmas stories and pictures on here. Honestly, I was glad to see it go. Seems like we were celebrating from Thanksgiving until New Years - which we were, I guess. Funny how we long for January to get here and everything to "slow down" but it never really does, does it??

So... 3rd time was NOT a charm for Sloane and Santa. As customary so far, we attended Santa Brunch at Crane Creek with our good friends the Mooneys and hoped that Sloane would give in and realize that the fat guy in the red suit is actually a nice, friendly guy who brings her presents. We prepped and prepped for the big moment. She was ready - "I'm going to ask for presents!" Then the moment of truth came and..... WHAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! Fail.
We spent Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa Suitter's house in Eagle. Big dinner with all the trimmings - prime rib (cooked to perfection), green beans, potatoes yum. Sloane and Porter got to open their presents of brand new pajamas which will surely be a tradition for the next 33 years. Mom & Dad's house in Eagle is actually their 2nd home that they bought this year just so they could hang out in nicer weather and house grandkids. Furnishing it is still a work in progress, maybe next year there will be a Christmas tree. (hint, hint.)
Sloane's BIG present from Santa this year was a nice, big kitchen complete with fridge, stove, oven, corner sink, curtains and a front load washer. It came in a box the size of a loaf of bread and contained 1 million parts. We realized this at about 10:00 p.m. Christmas Eve. Oops, live and learn. Phil made it to bed sometime around 4:00 with it mostly completed - of course 1 of the crucial parts was missing.

Christmas morning was great. Mind you, our children are not old enough to understand the whole Santa Christmas morning thing so they slept in. When they finally got up, we kindof had to walk Sloane through the piles of presents laid out for her. I take full responsibility for the overload. My bad - got a bit carried away and forgot that SHE IS 2.
That afternoon, the chaos REALLY started when my sisters and their families and Mom & Dad came over with the rest of Christmas. The living room was awash in wrapping paper, boxes and big smiles.