Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Sloane has been up to

I know the real reason everyone reads this is to see what Sloane has been up to, so here's a taste:

Learning how to drive a golf cart,

Wearing fancy skirts,

Watching Baby Einstein,

Learning how to eat with a spoon and fork,

Reading with Dad,

Riding the apple ride at Babies R Us with Grandma Dyer,

Chasing bubbles on the deck,

Still mastering the fork,

Wearing Daddy's shoes,

Taking airplane rides to see Grandma Suitter

New stuff

Well, I see that it's been awhile since we have updated our blog! Spring turned into summer and it seems like we have been so busy getting ready for the second addition to our family that we haven't had time to even look at the pictures we have taken! First, a look at what Phil and JJ have been up to:

Julie Ann and Cori Mooney threw JJ a baby shower,

It was "whopper" themed, due to the morning whopper cravings JJ had...

Phil and JJ have been getting out without Sloane every now and again,

This was Mother's Day brunch with Sloane.

Phil and JJ went to Puerto Vallarta without Sloane and had a great time!

And we tore out our old deck and replaced it with all new Trex - huge job!