Monday, August 31, 2009

The county fair!

It's fair time! You can't end summer without a trip to the county fair! While grandma and grandpa Suitter were in town, everyone decided it was time to go. Even though it was over 100 degrees outside, we all had a great time eating, seeing the animals and exhibits and Sloane got her first ride on the merry-go-round!

First stop was the food court for tacos, burgers, fries, corn and milkshakes.

Next was the petting zoo!

Finally the carousel ride!

Gone fishin'

Finally Phil and JJ got a whole weekend to themselves! Grandma and Grandpa Suitter came to Boise to stay with Sloane and off we went to McCall for a weekend of relaxing, fishing, golfing and dining. It was our first real getaway since Sloane was born. This year, for Phil's first father's day, I bought him a guided trip in the mountain lakes and streams of McCall and it was finally time to cash in the gift certificate. Despite the heat and normally slow fishing this time of year, we managed to get in some nice fish and JJ even caught a bird on a dry fly! The guide was very impressed as he had never had that happen before. Ha!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Monterey Again?!!

Boy it's been a great year for travel! Last week was no exception as we got to go with Daddy on a business trip this time. Every year in Monterey is the Concours d'Elegance - a weeklong invitational car show that is truly spectacular. Even if you're not a car buff, you can certainly apprectiate the cars that are shown all over town that week. During the week, there is a kick off party at the Monterey Jet Center for car and jet lovers to gather. There are displays of all major jets like Gulfstream, Challenger, Lear, etc. and Pilatus has a great set up as well manned by Phil! There are also car displays too like Porsche, Bentley, Ferrarri, and many others I am not familiar with nor are street legal, I'm sure. Sloane got to stay at the hotel for the party with a babysitter while JJ got to roam around the party! I was reminded of a song all night long that George Jones and Tammy Wynette sang a long time ago.... "No, we're not the jet set; we're the old chevrolet set...."

Inflight movie and beverage service

Having lunch on the wharf watching the pelicans and sea lions right outside of our window!

The Pilatus booth

This is a Porsche 4 door sedan family wagon! Whodathunk?!

This guy is the world champion accordion player and could play any request! Amazing!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New York!

I'm a little behind on the blogging - it's been chaos with the flood rebuilding and all. We are packing up today to move into the Residence Inn for the rest of the week with the whole family, cats included.

New York was so much fun! We went for Phil's 20 year high school reunion and to see Grandma and Grandpa Winters. We got to stay with them for a few days in Binghamton along with Aunt Alana and Uncle Shane came up from North Carolina too!

Another day, another airplane ride. Got some wings this time!

Mom and Dad got to golf at En-joi with Alana and DJ!

Made some rounds to see other friends like Bruce and Karen!

Made some new friends at Dave and Shannon Petcosky's house!

Grandma and Grandpa watched Sloane while Phil and JJ went to the reunion at Binghamton Country Club.

This is Great Great Aunt Reiko in Newark Valley!

Grandma and Grandpa Winters are so much fun and took such great care of me!

JJ, Phil, Alana, DJ, Sloane, Karen, Roger, April and Shane

Going home, we were surprised by Greg and Corrin and Sloane's friend Owen!

What a great trip!