Sunday, July 10, 2011


I grew up on horses and honestly, one of the things I worry about most is that Sloane could never get the chance to learn how to ride. (I know Grandma Suitter would NEVER let that happen but, you know how mom's worry about stuff that is never going to happen...)

Sloane got the opportunity last month to go visit a shetland pony farm in Nampa with some good friends of hers that she met in Kindermusik class. We left Porter home, put our boots on and off we went to visit the little horses and see Sloane's reaction. The farm is run by a nice couple who operate as a non-profit and offer the horses to kids with disabilities and nursing homes. The owner also doubles as an Elvis impersonator (!) Sloane was so excited to see the little horses and she kept trying to feed them hay, even though the ponies weren't exactly starving and receptive to her offering. Mr. Elvis put Sloane on the back of one and she was a little shocked to have a live, breathing animal underneath her. She did great - although I think her biggest kicks that day were from jumping off the feed troughs and chasing the barn cats around. By the way, the dozen or so cats would all come running when Mr. Elvis cattle called them :)

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