Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Phil and JJ's birthday!

Phil and I have great birthdays - they are 5 years and 4 days apart, which makes birthday parties WAY easier and alot more fun when they are milestones. Since Phil was heading over the hill this year with the big 4-0, we decided to go all out and throw a big bash for our friends at Crane Creek (birthday venue of choice this year.)

We decided on a 1940's WWII themed birthday and asked our guests to dress the part. As it is with all plans, they start small and by the time the plan is executed, have turned into quite a shindig, so we figured, why not hire a photographer to capture the moment? We also hired a DJ to play genuine period music from the 40's to set the mood and Crane Creek decorated the room for us with balloons, genuine WWII propaganda posters, confetti and flags galore. To our surprise and thrill, all of our friends showed up dressed to the nines - there were soldiers, pin-ups, nurses, a Rosie the Riveter, sea-bees, gangsters and even a pop-eye - and we partied until the wee hours - Happy 40th, Phil!

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